C4 24/7 swivel chair

"the basic"

The C4 24/7 swivel chair is designed as basic model especially for the 24 hours / 7 days use in e.g. control rooms.

It can be used fixed (3 positions possible) or in the free swinging mode, i.e. permanently flexible.

The mechanics of the C4 24/7  can be adjusted regarding the weight of the respective user. The correct adjustment enables a correct seating and working and additionally increases the life time of the chair.

Optionally an inflatable pelvic support is available.

The inclination of the folding armrests can be adjusted by a rotating wheel (handwheel) underside the armrest. They can be tipped up.

Optionally also 4D armrests are available. They are
• adjustable regarding width
• adjustable regarding height
• horizontally adjustable
• arm support is rotatable by 360°

The inclination of the backrest can be adjusted.

The comfort-headrest allows and optimum adjustment of height and inclination. The cover leather black / fabric black with red stiching is excellently suitable for the 24/7 use.

Download Flyer (PDF-Format)