ISRI 2000 24/7 swivel chair

"the reduced"

The ISRI 2000 24/7 swivel chair is especially designed for the extra robust 24 hours / 7 days use in e.g. control rooms.

It can be adjusted from the very back seating position to the very front and vice versa by a simple and fast change of the position.

The inclination of the folding armrests can be adjusted by a large thumb wheel underside the armrest.

Optionally especially comfortable folding armrests upholstered with fabric can be ordered.

The angle of backrest and seat can be adjusted The comfort-headrest allows and optimum adjustment of the height.

The cover fabric – Flockrippe- is excellently suitable for the robust 24/7 use.

The height adjustment is also suitable for extremely low seating e.g. for smaller employees.

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