Save Three, Save Four 24/7

24/7 office chairs for maximum comfort

The Save Three and Save Four office chairs are designed for 24 hour / 7 day use, in control rooms for example.

They can be used in a fixed position (3 positions possible) or in free-swinging mode, permanently movable. The Save mechanism can be adjusted to the weight of each user. The right setting permits a correct sitting and working position and extends the life of the chair.

An inflatable lumbar support permits exact adjustment to support the body and ensure a low-fatigue sitting position.

The folding armrests can be adjusted in angle using a knob (handwheel) on the underside of the armrests. They can be folded away upwards.

4D armrests are available as an option. These are
• adjustable in width
• height-adjustable
• horizontally adjustable
• support plate 360° rotatable

The backrest angle is adjustable, the neck support in height and angle.

Download Flyer (PDF-Format) | Operating instructions (PDF-Format) | Service Set (PDF-Format)